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“From health comes beauty” Taking a holistic approach in treating the whole body – for vibrant, radiant health and wellbeing – is fundamental to feeling fabulous. It’s hard to let our inner beauty shine when we are unwell, stressed or run down. Yet the opposite is true – we can’t help but glow with health when we are well, happy and love life. “Ageing is the process of energy loss, Qi Beauty is the process of energy renewal” What is Qi? Qi is the vital energy, or circulating life force that supports our health and vitality which changes as we age. Your skin needs energy to stimulate effective oxygenation and regeneration throughout the aging process. The Qi Beauty facial activates your Qi to reconnect the energy that skin requires to promote skin health and a radiant appearance. How do we stimulate Qi? Using Static magnetic fields (SMF). A SMF can extend to a depth of 6-20mm below the surface of the skin. Skin cells respond to the stimulation by increasing blood flow and hydration. Within 20 minutes of the application of SMF skin firms to touch and gains bounce. This technique offers the potential for skin recovery and a lifetime of age control. Why Qi for Beauty? As we age cellular activity diminishes and the nutrient support enjoyed by younger skin becomes compromised. People who may benefit from Qi Beauty are those who would like to take a natural approach to maintaining their skin at its best. What are the benefits? Your skin will be visibly improved after your first beauty facial. Previous results have shown a Qi beauty facial... read more

Preparing for an Acupuncture Appointment – How you can get the most out of it

You’ve booked your first acupuncture appointment and you’re thinking now what? Well there is flexibility because what is good for one may not be for another. That said there are a few things to bear in mind when you’re preparing for your treatment. It’s ok to adjust according to your own preferences and body’s constitution, though from experience, these tips will improve the experience and treatment outcome immensely. Choose your timing It’s a good idea to book your appointment away from other strenuous activities (like before or after gym work outs or stressful meetings). It gives your acupuncturist a better view of your body’s baseline function and allows your body to process the treatment better afterwards. If possible, avoid squeezing an appointment in between two other closely scheduled events to reduce any stress during your treatment Have a coffee break Well not literally, but this time coffee immediately before (or after) acupuncture is not your friend. Although if you have a morning appointment and you just can’t go without your morning cup, let your acupuncturist know because it affects your pulse rate and stains your tongue which may change the Chinese medicine diagnosis. If your appointment is later in the day coffee is best avoided two hours before. Coffee stimulates the body’s nervous system, especially the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) whereas acupuncture enhances the parasympathetic nervous system function (rest, relax, digest) so the coffee counteracts that process. By the way no tongue scraping/cleaning on your appointment day either if this is something you do. Don’t rush Stressssss – stuck in traffic and an unexpected last minute... read more

Taking Care of Yourself After an Acupuncture Treatment

It’s not always doable when you have a busy schedule but where you can it’s good to take some time out for yourself after an acupuncture treatment and since you’ve done something positive for your health – be good to yourself.

Acupuncture tends to get things moving and sometimes the body can react in new ways that it may not be used to. It’s good to take some time to see how things settle in.

In this article you’ll find tips to help you be good to yourself after acupuncture.

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About Acupuncture

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine is a system of medicine that’s been around for thousands of years. It’s thought to have started in India and spread through China, Korea, Japan and other parts of Asia.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine work by boosting the body’s own self-healing mechanism. Science can’t yet fully explain how acupuncture works – it’s possible there are a number of ways – by reducing pain and inflammation or by boosting the production of the body’s own pain relieving or balancing hormones.

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