Common Beneficial Effects of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has beneficial side effects that can significantly influence your quality of life.

Improved sleep

Sleep problems like insomnia is one of the most frequent conditions seen by acupuncturists. However even when sleep is not a problem, acupuncture treatment tends to produce a deeper better quality sleep for people.

More energy

While it’s normal immediately after an acupuncture treatment to feel on cloud nine, perhaps a bit dazed and blissfully relaxed, the after effect is usually increased energy. Many people report feeling better energy in the hours, days and sometimes weeks after acupuncture treatment. You just might feel ready to start that work out or notice an extra spring in your step.

Mental clarity

Acupuncture releases the stagnation that causes many of us to feel physically and mentally sluggish. As well as better energy lots of people notice improved clarity of mind. It’s easier to make decisions confidently when everything comes into clear focus. People feel more motivated and determined to tackle what may have been difficult of late. It’s like the cob webs have been blown away and you can get out of your own way.

Better digestion

Good digestion is critical to taking a holistic approach to health. The state of a person’s digestive health will be a reflection of their overall health and be impacting on their health, there’s no denying it. Which is why I ask detailed questions about eating habits and bowel functions. Don’t be surprised if getting acupuncture for shoulder pain helps you be more regular, feel less bloated after meals and experience less food cravings.

Less stress

We don’t always recognize the level of stress we have in our lives or the impact that it’s having on our health. We’ve become so used to carrying our stress that it’s only the absence of stress we realize how stressed we were to begin with. Acupuncture increases our awareness of stress in our lives and over time as our mood evens out we can feel less affected by and better able to manage the stress in our lives.

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